Software Defined Printing (SDP)

VirtualPrint is a product based on a software solution. Its infrastructure requires concepts such us abstraction, unification and automation of all the resources and services which get in a ITaaS model.

VirtualPrint provides us significant features and tools from diverse views such us: IT managers, service providers, controllers and finance managers. As result as this we can integrate key parameters, for instance: service levels, budget and forecast control, corporate policies compliance, environmental liability, etc...

Our challenges: Efficacy, Management and Control.

Everyday organizations, public and private corporations, have to tackle the efficacy challenge in their business. ICT technologies allow to get business goals.

Detecting printing problems:

Fleet printing multi-branding management Complex with the system utilization
Trouble with printing costs management Numerous providers of the printing service
Spaces and workplaces relocation Impossibility to reach agreements about service levels
Data protection and information confidentiality Fingerprint, policies to decrease environmental costs 

Our solutions:

VirtualPrint has been designed to solve all this problems throughout its different modules: