In departments like Health, Justice or Human Resources, characterized by a huge volume of sensitive information, the processing and safe-keeping of personal data has a special relevance.

VirtualPrint guarantees information availability, with the privacy and confidentiality requirements that the organization needs, thanks to the integration with the SDK's makers. Therefore, features known like PoolPrinting, PushPrinting and SecurePrinting are included in supported models.

pushprinting Push-Printing, printing to authorized devices poolprinting PoolPrinting, printing and collecting of documentation in enable printers
secureprint SecurePrinting, requires user authentication delegateprint Delegated printing
Confidenciality Printed documents report, filtered by users and devices rules Printing rules

PoolPrinting and SecurePrinting require device validation to be implemented, integrated thanks to SDK's makers or by authentication systems connected to the data network.